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Mac OS X Snow Leopard install on an iMac


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I purchased an used iMac 4,2 (Intel Core Duo 17” 1,83GHz) and I’m trying to install a fresh MacOS unsuccesfully. It seems that this model (A1195) was sold during only three months and only to schools. It have had a short life.....ç


I tried to install two different MacOs versions (Leopard and Snow Leopard) from DVD and from USB pendrive but in all of them when I choose the removable media from the boot manager the apple and the wheel turning are shown in the screen and after 1 minute the forbidden symbol appears and the iMac remains in this state. The external DVD is connected through an USB because the vendor cheated me and the iMac has not internal optical drive although this model has a built-in one from factory. As do not loaded any disc I opened the iMac and I found the EMI shiled released and the optical drive missing.


I also tried to launch the installer from the already installed MacOS (10.4 Tiger) but is asks for the admin password that obviously I do not have. The Snow Leopard version that I’m trying to install is the right one (for Intel) and I want to format and completely erase the whole disk and do a fresh installation.

¿What else can I try?

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