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Full circle of "lost clover and OS x drive after Win 7 install"


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While researching my issues with my system I came across this post:



My post Originally posted elsewhere:


I have an H77N-wifi running 10.9.5 1 TB drive partitioned with a 250 GB windows sys and 750GB os x sys. I recently updated to the clover bootloader and all was well except I lost all things on my windows drive/partition. Decided to re-install win 7 on the windows partition and now have lost the clover boot option and my mac OS hard drive and now the system boots into windows only with no space bar, delete key, f*key intervention. I lost clover. I can restart and get clover by pressing the f12 key but it just hangs while selecting the the OS X apple drive. If I use my Mavericks install thumb drive and boot into the system settings options for the H77N and select boot option override after selecting "save and exit" all drives are there to select. I have re-installed clover, tried clover config, moved/copied the x64.efi file to many places in the apple boot folder in the efi partition.I can't figure it out. I would simply like clover to be the boot screen upon boot. 


Moving on to a fix I went to another forum to seek help.  You can follow this link to see the conversation.




Now I am at a point where Clover will boot and I have three selections


Boot install OS X from apple drive


Boot OS X from apple drive


Boot Windows from Windows


Boot to install works, boot to apple drive works.  Boot to windows just goes to black screen with a white square flash and the screes goes to black.  The system is down.


I would like to get the "Boot Windows from Windows" option to work.


Any thoughts?


Thank you in advance



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