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Mac on Dell 9400 running Ubuntu Linux and VMWare 5.5


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I do realise that there is loads of info on this site, but trawl as I might, I can't find answers to my particular problem...


First, my setup;

Dell Inspiron 9400 laptop

ATI X1400 graphics (native 1920x1200, which I realise is a no-goer...)

Dual Core Intel processor


I have running VMWare 5.5.


I want to install the JaS 10.4.7 iso. Here are my (so far unsuccessfull) steps...


Create new VM - 8GB, 512 mem using the Windows NT file type. I realise this sounds odd, but the "other" and "FreeBSD" types don't get as far as I currently have and other posts in this group suggested it.


As soon as I boot to the ISO (same from the ISO burnt to DVD) I get the initial grey screen wih the apple, then it all just stops... I tried with the -v option by pressing F8 at the boot screen and there are a few lines off messages (sorry, don't have these but will try again if they would help) and then about half a page into it, it just stops !!!


Has anyone got ANY image (if so which one) installed on a VMWare running on Linux, with a similar hardware setup as mine??


Help would really be appreciated, cheers


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