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DSDT battery patch HP ProBook 450G3 i7 6500U skylake High Sierra 10.13.4

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I hope someone may be able to help me with problem i cant get past. I'am trying to patch my DSDT to correct my battery status functionality. I have a HP ProBook 450G3 with a i7 6500u Skylake with a vanilla install, dual booting 10.13.4 and windows 10. After following every guide i can find about patching the DSDT, I'am still stuck. I am new to hackintosh's and still learning. originally had 13 errors, in which i corrected 12 creating a refs.txt while decompiling my aml files into dsl. when i try to apply RehabMans generic probook battery patch to correct my EC values into 8bit, i get a "syntax error, unexpected PARSEOP_ARG1" 


If (CondRefOf (\_SB.PCI0.SAT0.SDSM))


Return (SDSM) /* External reference */


Arg1 <--Error here





so i changed that to read 



If (CondRefOf (\_SB.PCI0.SAT0.SDSM))


Return (SDSM) /* External reference */



it resulted in 3 errors all referring to objects that didn't exist, so i removed the lines. now i have only 1 error, "syntax error, unexpected $end and premature End-Of-File". for the life of me i cant figure this out. help me please! i am attaching my disassembled origin folder with no modifications and the DSDT.dsl with the end of file error. 



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