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I'll follow up with more information when I reboot from the only clone backup I have.  In short, I upgraded to High Sierra 10.13.4, not realizing the new CUDA drivers were available only through 10.13.3.  I updated the Nvidia video card driver.  MacbookPro mid-2012.  I decided to restore the 10.10 clone, and back off to Sierra, and CUDA does not work properly.  It can be selected in Premiere Pro CC 2018, but video is only a black screen, but sequence plays audio.

Can anyone enlighten me about "Metal" versus "OpenCL" selections available in Premiere Pro CC 2018?

Now let me boot from the clone backup and I'll post what I have there, as I am not sure.  Thanks in advance for any help from the great expertise here.  I found the post about totally removing CUDA, but I'm on a Mac, and it looks like that great piece of work won't work for me.


nVIDIA with Sierra.jpg

Macbook Pro Status.jpg

Macbook Pro Status.jpg

nvidia running sierra.jpg

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And here is what I have while booted from the 10.10 clone.  I desperately need the CUDA acceleration for Premiere Pro, as I use 16-bit processing and do all exports with ProRes4444 with no alpha (12-bit video), or a true 16-bit TIFF sequence when needed.

Any help is greatly appreciated.  I somehow need to, I believe, rollback my update mistakes.  I can't tell which toolkit is installed, but it has to be 9.1 I'm guessing.  I get nothing when I hit the more info button in CUDA preferences in System Preferences.  It looks like I may need toolkit 9.0 or roll back to a version of 8??

I read that deleting the CUDA preferences pane does not by far uninstall CUDA.

I am not going to try to do anything until I hear from some of the many experts here with any help.  I'm certainly willing to take some hours to go into anything I need to in order to change settings, enter new code or lines into any and all files necessary to have CUDA run on my new Sierra installation.

Should have never upgraded to High Sierra, and should not have upgraded CUDA without investigation.  I'm usually much more careful but have been under the gun in a rush.

- Jay

yosemite 10.10 info.jpg

nvidea info from 10.10 clone.jpg

From clone running 10.10.jpg

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I am now running macOS High Sierra (10.13.4).  The recent April Adobe grade for some reason left my Premiere Pro 2018 upgrade (the second one), and Premiere Pro now works fine.  But I do not have CUDA.  I fear I tied so many things with several nvidia drivers for my NVIDIA GeForce GT 650M 1024 MB card - I will use Metal as I can for now, but I believe either my card may not be compatible with the latest CUDA setup, very confusing to me and was so easy the first time a few years ago.

I feel I should delete all of the nvidia and cuda files from my system, if possible, and start over from scratch if the 10.13.4 CUDA "system", because it seems like so much than a drive is involved, is compatible with my card.

I'm on a mid 2012 MacPro - pictures are above.

I desperately need help - as I do need CUDA working in Premiere especially in High Sierra 10.13.4.

Anyone that can help, and I see a lot of experts that seem to have a firm, sometimes conflicting grip, on all of the details that would be a gift from heaven.

At least the latest version of Premiere Pro (April 3 release) works on High Sierra.  No idea why it opened and crashed in Sierra - the other programs updated fine (so far).  So I'm grateful to simply have a working Premiere Pro that is able to exchange files with others who have upgraded.

Very grateful for any help.

Jay C/Atlanta


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