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Native Instruments Retail Kontakt Activation

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I purchased and own the Retail version of Native Instruments Komplete 11 Ultimate.
In this bundle is a Music Sampler called Kontakt. The latest version is 5.7.3
It's all activated online via the Native Access software linked to your personal account.
You can also download and install which synths or instruments you want from the Komplete bundle of your choosing.
However, I've had problems activating certain instruments and some paid for 3rd party instruments that need Kontakt to run.
I got in contact with NI who were very helpful and couldn't work out the problem until they found out I was on a Hackintosh and ceased to offer support.
So, I've tried many times to completley wipe every trace of NI from the Hackintosh and re-installing.
Every time it's the same - all instruments work apart from certain ones and new 3rd party ones.
So - I installed on my MacBook 2012 (High Sierra/APFS on SSD drive) - worked perfectly. 
I then went back to the Hackintosh (High Sierra/APFS on SSD NVMe drive) and looked through all .plist / .xml / .jwt files
Now I am no programmer/developer etc. by any means - but the only difference I could find between the 'older' instruments and some of the newer Komplete 11 Ultimate instruments is a AuthSystem RAS2 and RAS3 in the xml files.
I've tried swapping the files across from the MacBook to no avail. Plus I think of course it's machine specific so may not work. 
So my question is: Is the Hackintosh doing something/or not to the Activation/registration process in creating authorised plist and xml files?
Thanks in advance for 'any' help/guidance.
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