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Trying "Jas 10.4.6" & "jas 10.4.8" on Acer Aspire 3642 laptop


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:huh: hi , it's here.


There's something wrong when i was trying to install jas 10.4.6


it can boot from the dvd drive


and say "press any key to install mac os x or f8 for startup options"


1. press any key :

then i can see : " loading darwin/x86 " for a few seconds , after that something like "start setup..........." flashs... then it reboot.... fail..


2.press f8 and use "-v" command

it displays just like when i press any key , except for adding some tips "loading hfs+......"



i've also tried 10.4.8

it stays at the gray screen with the apple symbol...then this symbol that looks like a no smoking sign (without the cigarette lol) appears


when i use "-v" command it says "Still waiting for root devices"


fail again..


any help appreciated ...thnx





added :


The hardware is :


ATI Technologies Inc RS400/133 Host Bridge

Intel Pentium M 420 1.6G

512MB DDR2


Realtek HD Audio output

Realtek RTL8139 Family PCI Fast Ethernet NIC




then i saw something like "x86 os can not run on ATi systems" (on another website) without a patch for the dvd image...

so i'm downloading the patch....



will it be effective?



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