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[eBay] Hard disks, Wifi gear, printer


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Selling off some gear to pay for my recently purchased mac pro :compress: Help a brotha out and buy some top of the line gear for cheap...


Printer (new in box)




My PATA drives aren't compatible with the mac pro, so:


500GB PATA 16mb cache



250GB PATA 16mb cache




And I went wired to take advantage of gigabit lan for streaming, so here's my wifi gear:


Apple airport extreme basestation:



Ubiquiti SuperRange Cardbus (the best pcmcia in the world!)



Zyxel AG-225H usb NIC (osx86 compatible):




Have fun bidding! My old desktop may be up here soon if craigslist doesn't work out. It of course is osx86 compatible, let me know if you're interested.


Thanks for looking!



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The zyxel should be compatible with both the 10.4.4 kernel and the 10.4.8 kernel as the drivers are universal, and supposedly have been fixed with the latest version (4.5.7 I believe). I tried it on 10.4.6 (aka 10.4.4 kernel) and it seemed to work, but I didn't rely on it as my internet connection. Hope this answers your question, you may know more than me on this one if you've been closely following the zydas thread...

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