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AMD GPU resistor mod for 5GT/S in Mac Pro 5,1

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Hi Guys


I've got a Macpro 5,1 (mid-2010) and I've just changed my R9 GPU for a Brand New SAPPHIRE Nitro + RX580


By any chance do you know which resistor we've to cut to have the card running in PCI Express 2.0 mode (5GT/s)


at the moment it's stuck at PCI Express 1.1 (2.5GT/s)


I've found lot of tuto on the net for the R9 series but nothing for the RX series


Help is welcome


Thanks in advance




PS: Yes, just one last thing  if you consider  buying  the same card

the card need a 8pin + a 6pin connector , the card has dual bios rom with a selection switch

the first position is normal position and the second is full power position

putting the card in full power mode does not work as it require more power than the Mac Pro 5,1 power supply can give  

This result as random shutdown of your mac when you start high demanding GPU application (like Star Wars BattleFront 2 installed in my Windows 10 partition)

If this happen you'll not be able to power on your macpro until you have unplugged it from the wall.....





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