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Won't boot


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Okay, I have a weird problem.

I can't install straight from the DVD because I get the "still waiting for root device" error. So, I've decided to install through VMWare. And it works great. Under VMWare. The problem is that when I restart my computer, and decide to boot off of the OSX Hard drive, it just sticks at the apple logo. I don't get a 'root device' error or anything like that.


I tried the -v. I left it, and came back about ten minutes later and it said something about IFC. (I'll get a pic in after)


I have:

Celeron D @ 3.2 GHz ( SSE3 )

1 WD 160GB HDD (Windows) SATA

1 WD 20GB HDD (OSX) Not sure, but it's not SATA

1GB Kingston DDR Ram

ATI Radeon X1300 Pro 256mb AGP


When I installed under VMWare, I only used the 10.4.7 Intel Combo , and the Intel SSE3 patches


Please help. I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this to work. I've also accidentally destroyed my Windows Drive several times just trying to get this to work.


Thanks in advance.



here are some of the errors.









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I don't understand why are you installing mac os x through vm ware?

To install it natively, you need to have WD 20GB IDE (if it is not SATA, it's IDE I think) hard drive on the master and you dvd drive on the second channel on the master too.

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