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Script Boot into Windows XP?

John the Geek

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Ok, so I manage a lab full of dual-boot Macs, and I make the Students regular users, which disallows them to change the startup disk. So they have to hold Opt at startup to get to Windows.


That's fine, except for every time I use SysPrep to image these machines they reboot 3 frickin times and the students have to press Opt EVERY time of else get a layover through Mac OS X again before rebooting again and arriving at their final destination.


I wrote a run-only AppleScript with admin privileges to set the startup disk, and it appears to work, but then no startup disk is really selected once you restart.


Here is the script:

do shell script "sudo /usr/sbin/bless --mount '/Volumes/Windows XP' --setBoot" user name "admin" password "passy" with administrator privileges


Anyone have any suggestions?

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