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Different kernels - clarifications


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It seems to me that at the moment there are 3 major 8.8.1 kernels used for our 10.4.8 installations:


* plain mifki/vitaliy:

-- designed for apple compatible hardware (INTEL, SSE3, XD (NX), HPET)

-- r2d2 integrated


* DaemonES:

-- modification of mifki/vitaliy that adds HPET emulation and removes the need to enable XD(NX)

-- AMD support in latest builds (thanks Mittelschmerz for info)

-- r2d2 integrated


* semthex:

-- most compatible: emulates HPET, supports AMDs, does not need XD/NX

-- r2d2 integrated in latest builds

-- additional security patches implemented (http://forum.insanelymac.com/index.php?showtopic=33384)


Do I miss anything using minimalistic in patches "plain mifki's" if my HW supports it? "About this mac" does not crash (but my PRESCOTT 531 CPU is reported as UNKNOWN), profiler does not crash.


Please add some more information regarding other major kernel variations, and correct me if I'm wrong in my list. It might be helpful in saving some headaches with the "which kernel to choose" decisions.


Thanks Semthex for explanations.

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