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10.4.7 system freezes and stutters


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I had a previous thread about not being able to get the 10.4.7 dvd to run. Thats now fixed and ive installed JaS 10.4.7. Cause: Didnt have DVD and HDD on the same ide channel!


Another problem I now have:


When I boot OSX for the first time, it runs fast and as sweet as hell. After around 10-15 minutes, it starts to freeze. Every 3-7 seconds, my mouse cursor will stop moving and feeze for 1-2 seconds then continue. It repeats like this until I reboot.


I looked at the threads about the AppleTPM kext pegging the CPU up high, but I dont have that kext in my extensions folder.


Anything else that can cause this kind of behaviour?




10.4.7 install

AMD 64 x2 4200+ Dual Core


ASUS GeForce 7600

1gig RAM

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