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Installed 10.4.8 - My problems [SOLVED]


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So I just installed 10.4.8 Semthex and I went about installing the Korveg patch like I have done in the past. I then edited my com.apple.Boot.plist to the display I wanted and rebooted... This is where I got trouble. I get stuck at the spinning loader so I booted up with -v and it takes a dump on the login window. So, I boot up with -x into safe mode (which works at my new resolution) to try to fix the problem, believe it was with my com.apple.Boot.plist but it is not. Any thoughts.


Also, my sound is not working. In the past when an update hosed my sound, I just replaced it with the AppleHDA.kext from 10.4.3 and all was well, now is not the case though. Again, any thoughts?


My machine is listed in my sig. Thanks guys.


p.s. I did search... for about an hour and it's almost 2am here so I need to hit the hay, thanks again.



I reinstalled making sure I enabled the loginwindow crash, intel GMA950 drivers, and Sigmatel Audio Drivers. Instead of using my Radeon x800 in OS X I just use my onboard 950... I don't do any heavy graphics stuff in OS X, i'm not a creative person. So I just use my x800 when I play games in Vista...


Everything is up and running now like a champ. Jas + Semthex = pure pwnage.

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