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bluetooth on macbook under windows - help

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I need help with my macbook. I have installed windows XP. It found apple bluetooth, and microsoft bluetooth enumeration. I want to connect my nokia BT900 headset and my MDA with activesync. Now Apple bluetooth does not show profiles. Only one is a com port.


If I install widcomm the profiles appear, but it does not see the device. In a forum thread someone said point the driver to the widcomm directory. Somehow I am stupid, but how do I point a device (which one apple bluetooth or MS bluetooth?) to the widcomm dir. I also added the VID & PID for apple, did not help.


Anyone out there who could give me a step by step guide. Either to get profiles into apple bluetooth or to get widcomm working. End result is to be able to talk using my nokia headset and to sync my MDA.



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