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10.4.8 help with terminal


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I managed to install 10.4.8 SS3 combo update on my AMD machine (AMD64x2 3800+ 4gb RAM)


Everything used to work fine, in fact I managed to install MACVidia and to get my Realtek HDA inbluit card to work fine.


No stuttering, all fine.


Suddenly, the next day I try to boot OSX refuses to....it says something about "Diskarb" and finally I couldn't boot Darwin into normal mode because it gives a panic crash....but with "-x" command it reach some point but becomes sloooow loading to a point is impossible to get to the system. (damn, just when I was going to install Logic express 7.2)


I think the best I can do is to wait for some time until JaS releases a really stable AMD version of 10.4.8


But meanwhile, I want to learn some stuff about the interpreter.

1) How do I access files on the disk? (how to "dir" also)


2) How do I change the permissions on a certain file (for example com.apple.boot.plist)


3) How to move, delete, rename files?


4) I know disks in Mac is something like "Disk0s1" for the first partition....but anyone care to explain that in deep?....


I think these are basic things all of us need to know...is like having "del" "deltree" "fdisk" "ren"....very useful things on DOS, certainly a must for PC users.


Tried with "help" on the terminal, but the info there is either not complete or I'm an idiot lol.


Thanks a lot in advance.

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You need to read an introduction to BSD UNIX since that's basically what OS X is at the user level. ls lists files. man shows you manual pages: eg.

man ls

man mv

man mount

man rm


disks are like this

disk0s1 is disk 0 slice 1

disk0s2 is disk 0 slice 2

disk1s1 is disk 1 slice 1


slices are equivalent to partitions.


once a partition is mounted, you access is via it's mounted point. To read and write to the parition you'll have to remount in read-write mode. It tells you how to do this when you boot into single-user.

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