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I am in a typical place and need help.


I have installed 10.12.6 on a X99M 3.1 KILLER with a E5-2673 V4

I do get 42,000 on Geekbench

I have done the XCPM Patches but the terminal check returns '0'

I have derived the SSDTen.sh , put it in ACPI/patches

I did FREQVECTORS but terminal check returned negative, so then I went with PMdrv or NullCPUID. With SPEEDSTEP on I get 2.3ghz and fluctuating with it off I get 2.6ghz and fluctuating Intel Power Meter.


The funny thing is for a day on Saturday I had stable 1.2 at idle Speedstep on with 2.6 turbo peaks on the Intel Power app.

I then (mistakenly) changed FakeCPUID and biffed everything. I reloaded Bios defaults and never quite recovered but I do get 42,000 on Geekbench with fluctuating ghz on the Intel Power meter.


So I'd like to get help getting XCPM going. I think the board might need slightly different Patches than the Asus X99, also the bios does not have a manual CPU Ratio setting.


Please help





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    • By hightower4586
      Hello all, I just completed my first full hackintosh build (Parts listed below) and have everything fully functional with the exception of CPU power management. Has anyone had success with this in high sierra skylake build? I have followed a couple different guides I have found without success, none of which are for high sierra.
      High Sierra Build
      CPU= i7 6700k
      Mobo= Gigabyte Z170XP-SLI
      RAM= G.Skill Ripjaws V 16GB 3000MHz
      PSU= EVGA 750W Titanium
      Liquid Cooling= NZXT Kraken X52
      GPU= None yet, using onboard HD530 currently.
      SSD= Samsung 850 500GB
      What's working:
      Pretty much everything (iMessage, Audio, Display, etc..)
      What's not working:
      CPU power management is the only thing I have found to be non functioning.
    • By arun94
      I am trying to enable low power states in my laptop cpu using ssdtPRgen script. I got 17 p-states in IOregexplorer and no igpu states.
      only 9 p-states working and cpu rarely idles.
      am I doing something wrong or should I use this instead?
      CPU Ratio Info: ------------------------------------ CPU Low Frequency Mode.............: 400 MHz CPU Maximum non-Turbo Frequency....: 2000 MHz CPU Maximum Turbo Frequency........: 2000 MHz IGPU Info: ------------------------------------ IGPU Current Frequency.............:    0 MHz IGPU Minimum Frequency.............:  300 MHz IGPU Maximum Non-Turbo Frequency...:  300 MHz IGPU Maximum Turbo Frequency.......:  900 MHz IGPU Maximum limit.................: No Limit CPU P-States [ (5) 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 14 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 14 16 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 12 14 16 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 12 13 14 16 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 12 13 14 16 18 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ] CPU P-States [ (5) 10 12 13 14 16 18 19 20 ] iGPU P-States [ ]
      edit1:this cpu always spends time at 400~500 Mhz at idle in linux.
    • By chenrui999
      In 6th Gen CPU, Intel make whole P-state control management into CPU. OS's control is no longer necessary
      So my question just like the topic. Is that right?
      Hi everyone, basically I had to reinstall Sierra because I downloaded cpusensor gpusensor and acpisensor kexts, mounted the efi folder and put them in, when I restarted,  Sierra would just restart at the apple screen, I tried booting into Sierra with a usb stick, didn't work, so I had to do a full reinstall. Everything worked off the bat, didn't have to install any kexts, however, I'd like to
      create an ssdt (where you extract your bios info, I believe thats what its called and whats needed for power/fan management)
      Figure out a way to make the bios automatically adjust fan speeds and/or manually adjust speeds myself ( I assume I need kexts but not sure which ones or where to put them)
      and ask you guys just to make sure if I'm not missing any kexts right now because when I started Sierra, everything worked in regards to audio, keyboards, mouse and screen
      Thank you for your time
      Motherboard: Asus p8v 77z-lx
      cpu: intel i5 3570k ivy bridge 
      Graphics: intel hd4000
      psu: evga supernova 650 g2
      ram: corsair vengeance 8 gig
      HD: dedicated hd for OS X Sierra