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I am in a typical place and need help.


I have installed 10.12.6 on a X99M 3.1 KILLER with a E5-2673 V4

I do get 42,000 on Geekbench

I have done the XCPM Patches but the terminal check returns '0'

I have derived the SSDTen.sh , put it in ACPI/patches

I did FREQVECTORS but terminal check returned negative, so then I went with PMdrv or NullCPUID. With SPEEDSTEP on I get 2.3ghz and fluctuating with it off I get 2.6ghz and fluctuating Intel Power Meter.


The funny thing is for a day on Saturday I had stable 1.2 at idle Speedstep on with 2.6 turbo peaks on the Intel Power app.

I then (mistakenly) changed FakeCPUID and biffed everything. I reloaded Bios defaults and never quite recovered but I do get 42,000 on Geekbench with fluctuating ghz on the Intel Power meter.


So I'd like to get help getting XCPM going. I think the board might need slightly different Patches than the Asus X99, also the bios does not have a manual CPU Ratio setting.


Please help





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