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Getting rid of OS X partition?


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Hello all. While OS X was awesome on my machine I wanted to go ahead and re-install windows without OS X. Basically a fresh HD with XP home. However, I tried to partition the HD in windows and while it seemed to work the OS X is still on there. I then went ahead and tried to install a fresh XP home and hoped the OS X partition would show up in the on screen installation but it did not. I went ahead and formatted C again on the on screen install however it says it is either damaged or corrupt. I'm guessing this might have something to do with the OS X partition I cannot get rid of.


Any ideas on how to get rid OS X? Thanks in advance.

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Get any commercial or open source partitioner, like Partition Magic or GParted:




Else get the Ultimate Boot CD:




Or you could get any tool that erases your HD, like the free Active@ KillDisk:




You could also erase the MBR with any Linux LiveCD, but that is maybe a bit too difficult.


Here it is, anyway:




(read it anyway)


Plenty of options...

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