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USB not working on install


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Hello all!


Just installed 10.4.8 (from the good ISO) and USB is not working. I saw the "Welcome to Tiger" screen but then the error message "There's no keyboard plugged in..." - my reading so far from the forums indicates this is a common problem and there might be fixes, but how do I go about fixing it?, as I can't get past that screen?


Here's my system specs:


10.4.8 w/ Mifki's kernel (yes I did check the USB fix)

Pentium D 3.2ghz

Asus P5LD2 Deluxe

2GB Ram

Nvidia 7300 GT


Thanks in advance for any help.




This one has been fixed by reinstalling without USB fix, Semthex's kernel and messing with USB options in the BIOS.

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what settings did u change in the bios for usb exactly cause i have no usb as well and i tried a bunch of things


- usbfix (didnt work)

- apple usb debug (couple of versions, but didn't work)

- old IOUSBFamily.kext (didn't work)

- different kernels (didn't work)


**FIXXED AS WELL** :blink:


what i did was install without my audiousb-device plugged in, patched it with the Apple Usb Debug patch (10.4.8) and it works

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