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Fabio's Arts

System 3.2 reimagined as Vinyl Installation Media

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    • By jack001214
      Hi,im having a issue.I have a fully working 10.10 and i want to upgrade to 10.11 but the issue is that when i boot into the installer,the second screen is on with a gray background and the first display is on but black only the back light is on.
      laptop specs:
      WIRELESS CONNECTIONS Wireless technology supported Wireless 802.11b, Wireless 802.11n, Bluetooth, Wireless 802.11g GENERAL Weight without PSU 2.6kg Other Features Intel Core i5-430M CPU, ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5650 graphics adapter, 640GB hard drive, Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit POWER OPTIONS Power Supply Battery, AC Power Battery Type Rechargeable - (Li-Ion) WIRED CONNECTIONS Wired Terminals / Ports External SATA, USB 2.0, HDMI Output, Microphone Jack , D-Sub, RJ45, Headphone Jack Number of USB 2.0 Ports 3 Network Protocols Supported Wireless, Ethernet DISPLAY Screen size 15.6 in Display Technology TFT with LED backlight Screen Resolution 1366x768 MEMORY RAM Type DDR3 Installed memory (RAM) 6 GB INPUT DEVICES Input Devices Buttons, Touchpad, Keyboard MULTIMEDIA FEATURES Inbuilt Camera Yes Built-in Microphone ( Mobile ) Yes PROCESSOR Processor Speed 2.26 PCS Physical Security Features Slot For Cable Lock MEDIA Supported Memory Media Secure Digital (SD) HARD DRIVE RPM 5400  
    • By Haris Usmani
      M​A​C OSX Mountain Lion on a Lenovo x61
      Hello everyone this is my first post on this forums so I hope I will recieve help. I have a Lenovo x61.
      My specs are:-
      Intel 965 Express Chipset
      4Gb DDR2 Ram
      250 GB HDD Hard Drive
      Windows 10 Enterprise                  
      I want to install Mac OSX Mountain Lion with sound and WiFi on my laptop. I know Mac OSX Mountain Lion cannot be installed on Intel 965 Express chipset but I read an article on the internet that says that I can install with the help of  MLPF hack. So can you please help me to install Mac OSX Mountain Lion.
      Thank you
    • By iNeko
      Hey everyone!
      Well... After I bought some Apples and exploded my old android, I wanted to make something new in my working/home place. First time i was installing Mac OSX themes for Windows. I thought it is so hard to install Mac OSX, and when i made some kind of "plan", I backed up my data, downloaded OSX, formatted disk, and tried to start the installation. I had errors like "still waitting for root device", and pci errors, just because I had old hardware. Then, in one great day, my motherboard and power supply burnt out ( It wasn't my fault, there are were energy issues in @ my district ). Then i just thought to build Custom Mac.. just for "test". I am thinking to buy 'real' Mac soon. So i bought the following components:

      And Mountain Lion installed without any errors! Great, I made that I wanted!
      Now, you can see how I was building it.
      Connected every component and restored Mac OSX 10.8.4 from my Time Capsule.. Tada!

      I don't want to change information in 'About this Mac' for now. 
      Well, my pc case has finally arrived!

      So, i took it out from box, looks awesome. ( I already attached PSU ).

      Let's place mobo and another components inside!

      That's how it looks with 'mirror' effect

      I want to replace those USB2.0s to 3.0 ones, also, front audio works.

      That's how hard drives and PSU are installed in.

      I am using HDMI cable, my display has better collibration support for it.

      BUT ONE THING THAT I DIDN'T KNEW - It has L.E.Ds inside.
      So, i dis-attached some thingies, and made it branded! ;D


      I purchased some Apple stickers at eBay, but I can't wait, so 

      Now it looks superb.

      Another pictures:

      That's how cd-drive placed, haha.


      This is some my stuff, as disk using, wifi, etc

      Hosting second home WiFi network because i can't make this card work with internet ;(

      As you can see, it's fine.

      Well, i finally made my wifi to see networks. Added 168c,0301. But if it connects it's freezes ;(

      Current case is MidTower ATX. It is very small and compactible. More like Micro ATX.
      Currently, Geekbench shows 7600 points when I'm using 10.9 & 8100 points when I am using 10.8.4. I think the slow part are my HDDs. ( Note, not Solid state drives ).
      I am going to upgrade my specifications soon. I will post every progress there. I am going to make some kind of 'tuning' for my CustoMac. 
      TODO list:
       * working wifi internet
       * wait for apple & "blue eyed" stickers and buy mirrored acrylic sheet to make it look more awesome!
       * replace usb2.0 by usb3.0
       * make it more quiet
       * (optional) buy ssds
       * (optional) buy more ram memory
      Thanks for watching! Leave comments please! ;p
    • By Mr.D.