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Problems with DSDT for Lenovo Thinkpad E560

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I have problems with making DSDT for Lenovo Thinkpad E560,

  1. The first problem is that macOS gives a low battery warning even is the battery more than 90% !!!
  2. The second problem is that I have 4% difference in battery percentage between macOS and Windows multi boot, so if the battery is 40% under Windows 10 it appears as 45% at macOS 10.12.6
  3. Another problem that when I connect or disconnect the charger there is a long delay (about minute) before the Battery Icon reflect the change and show that the charger is connected/disconnected

I find this message in the console.app:

ACPIBatteryManager: WARNING! fMaxCapacity > fDesignCapacity. adjusted fMaxCapacity from 4647, to 4400

Please note that I'm a beginner in Hackintosh, and I get the files and help from a German forum, the members of the forum helped me to make the DSDT and other thing in this thread and this thread.

My CLOVER folder that I use and the IOREG-file in the attachments

Thank you very much in advance

My files.zip

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