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How do I install XP on Intel iMac using Upgrade disk


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I have the following hardware:

1) Apple Intel iMac 17" (Gen1)

2) Various Microsoft Keyboards and mice, including Microsoft Keyboard Elite for Bluetooth, Microsoft Wireless Keyboard Elite).

3) An Apple-only Microsoft keyboard (which has a hardware CD-Eject key).

4) An original Apple Pro keyboard (without CD-eject key -- black keys, grey chassis)

5) The new white Apple Pro keyboard which came with my Intel iMac -- has CD-Eject key.

6) A 2GB USB2.0 Flash Drive (Memorex)

[a thought: Will XP installer recognize copy of Windows disk on this USB flash drive? IF so, I could stick it in convenient USB port, then start BootCamp and start XP installer from Retail Upgrade disk, then point the XP installer to that when it doesn't find previous version, thus getting around inability to eject XP Retail Upgrade install disk?]

If this is possilbe, can I just simply format the Flash Drive as FAT, then copy contents of Windows disk to it? Or must I install Windows on this flash drive first? Is this even possible?)


I have the following software

1) Microsoft Windows XP Pro w/SP2 Retail Upgrade disk

2) various previous Microsoft-produced Windows generic OEM disks (Win95 w/USB support, Windows 98, Windows 98SE, WinXP original, WinXP Pro w/SP2)


I have my Intel iMac updated with latest firmware updates.

I want to:


Install XP Pro using XP w/SP2 Retail Upgrade disk via Boot Camp Beta 1.1.2 using my existing hardware.

(I'm tired of calling Activation Center each time I need to activate my OS after a reinstall using one of my Generic OEM install disks).


All advice and instructions appreciated.


There's GOT to be a way to use my Apple-Only Microsoft keyboard with CD-Eject key to install XP Pro Retail Upgrade disk somehow...Is there?




(If I have to, I will install XP Pro as only OS on my HD, and REMOVE OS X forever.)

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