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Kernel Panic on a mdd dual 1Ghz powermac

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Hi folks, been a while since Ive been on here.

I recently purchased a G4 Powermac MDD Dual 1Ghz 2002 machine.


It had no harddrive in the systems so I used the 80Gb out of my very old G3 B/W 450.

Put it in the machine and started to do a install of Tiger. I got a kernel panic.


After many attempts to reinstall still the same problem.

I have replaced the memory, Graphics Card, HDD leads, removed the dvd drive and replaced it with another, used a usb dvd drive.


I eventually put the hard drive back into the G3 and booted from panther, did a complete 8 pass format and then returned to the G4, I managed to install panther without a kernel panic, then up dates system software.. no problem


After about 3 hours, kernel panic again.. Trying to find a hardware test disk and can't find one anywhere.

Could this be a logic board problem? or would anyone have any ideas on what to try next?


Any advice would be great or where I can get a g4 powermac hardware test disk from.


Thanks people

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