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is my current Sierra (10.12.3) installation good for a BCM94360CD wifi+BT card?

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Hey guys, I'm a total beginner in Hackintosh but I've so far managed to install Sierra (12.3) on an old HP Pavilion Slimline 400-034 pre-built PC and everything seems to work fine (except USB 3.0 ports from mobo headers which are only recognized as USB 2.0) with some mods:

  • FakeSMC for hardware monitoring and other compatibility stuff,
  • Auto install of audio and network kexts;
  • fixed chipset kexts: Sierra USB fixes like USB 3.0 [not working though], USBInjectall; FakePCIID kexts for USB 2/3 patch for 7/8/9 series mobo 
  • some other fixes like backing up several apple kexts like power management, AppleHPET, Policy control, MCEDriver, etc.)
  • injected intel HD 4000 hardware IDs to use apple's native graphics kexts 

Here's the HP support page with all the hardware info for my PC: https://support.hp.com/us-en/document/c03791266

I swapped the Pentium G2020 CPU for an used Intel Core i5-3475S (with HD 4000) and added another used stick of 4 GB DDR3 1600 RAM (total of 8 GB) 


However, as you can see from the hardware specs listed in HP website, I have an Atheros AR5B125 half-lenght mini PCI-e card that is obviously not natively supported by MacOSX, so I want to get a Wifi+BT card that is natively supported without any custom kexts or any DSDT patching, etc. just something that is plug & play. I read around the forums that the BCM94360CD (i.e. this one sold by OSXWifi), which is pulled from 2013 iMacs and similar models, work natively with Sierra. However, since I have installed so many custom kexts, and done so many modification, I'm not sure if my system will be capable of using such a card once it's connected over PCIe X1 port (with the provided adapter that even has the antenas to mount in PCI brackets). 

So, could anyone, pretty please, look at my system configuration to see if it'll work with the above mentioned Wifi+BT card???


Let me know what kind of system info you would need and I'll pots it ASAP! (I'm guessing ioReg and that stuff but I'll wait for you guys to tell me)


Thanks everyone beforehand for reading my long post; I'm so close to building the most extreme budget hackintosh to full capability!!!

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AR5B125 is based on Atheros AR9485 chip which is indeed not natively supported. Developper chunnan wrote patches for the Atheros kext with some degree of success but speed was limited to 11Mbps last time I looked: http://www.insanelymac.com/forum/topic/312045-atheros-wireless-driver-os-x-101112-for-unsupported-cards/page-1


The BCM94360CD + adapter sold by OSXWifi will work 100% OOB on vanilla kexts (IO80211Family kext and associated PlugIns) in the Plug'n'play manner you desire. Can't say more than that. Depending on which kexts you modified you may have to revert (vanilla kexts can be extracted off your USB installer), or simply proceed with an update to Sierra 10.12.6 and that will re-instate vanilla kexts.

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Thanks for the reply Hervé! I'll hook up the card as soon as I get it today and I'll keep you posted on the results. BTW, quick question, how do I make sure I have the IO80211Family kext that you mention. I ran a kextstat command on the terminal and I didn't see it there. I looked over the install.log on my /var/log directory to see what the installer did and even though I didn't see anything indicating that the installer messed around with that kext, how do I make sure? 



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Unless you did modify or mess with that kext, you'll have the vanilla kext in /S/L/E, like the rest of the vanilla kexts...

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Yea, plugged in the card and everything works great! I got BT and Wifi. Just one last tiny issue though. As you can see from the specs of my PC, I need low profile PCI mounting brackets to run the antenas to the outside of the case but the adapter that I bought (from OSXWifi), like many that are sold online on Ebay, etc., have full lenght (or full profile?) PCI brackets. Can you recommend me any brackets to buy (they need to have at least 4 wholes for the 4 antennas that my adapter came with)?

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Thanks Hervé, I ended up rigging the PCI mounting bracket cover that the PC had to fit the 4 antennas through it. The card is working really well BTW, I'm getting good speeds (even though the PCIe 2.0 X1 only gives me 500 MB/s up/down bandwidth at least that's good enough for file downloads and in-home video streaming to my windows PCs ) and awesome BT and Wifi ranges! Thank God I didn't have to mess around with any more kext patching and DSDTs!


I still have one tiny bit of an issue though, my USB 3.0 header is not being recognized as Hi-speed hub (only USB 2.0) when I looked at my System Information. I think I might start a new thread to see if I can get it fixed.


I'll mark this thread as solved

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