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I think I may have a solution to fix the video conflict problem.


This allowed me to load in normal mode as oppsed to safe mode.


It also allowed my audio to work.


You need to figure out which video driver is being loaded and remove it or replace it with the correct one. This explains why removing the "AppleIntel*" stuff works.


I used the kextcache command from the single user prompt (boot with "-s").


what I did:

cd /system/library

kextcache extensions.mkext


this should give you a list of the extesions it tried to load last time it crashed. To make sure this file is valid, load once with only the "-v" option and let it crash. Then boot with the "-s" and use this command to find the driver that is being loaded.


If you move this driver to a different folder (I used ../extensions.old) The the system will default to a standard VGA driver. This should allow you to boot normally and start to work on other issues. Heck, it might fix them all too.



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