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Linux and HFS+ Partitions


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I have installed an old IDE drive for OSX since it doesn't work with my SATA drive yet.

Unfortunately I the OSX partition fills the whole drive and more unfortunately I formatted it case-sensitive and with journalng, which doesn't work with some apps.

So I decided to reformat the partition while backing up my files with Linux (which is on the SATA drive).


That's what I did:

- I downloaded and compiled Apple's HFS+ Tools under Linux

- I created an image file and used mkfs.hfsplus to format it

- I mounted the image file and my OSX partition and copied all files to the image file (using mc)

- Then I formatted my OSX partition with mkfs.hfsplus, leaving out the journal and case-sensitivity

- Finally I copied the files back from the image to the newly formatted OSX partition


When I rebooted and tried to start OSX, I got an error message regarding a wrong binary format (or something like this - sorry I didn't write it down) from the boot loader.


Can somebody tell me what I did wrong?


PS: Luckily I had made a 1:1 partition image before...

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