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FireWire 800 on a MBP?

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In early October, I bought 2 MBPs for two guys in marketing...


So now I have two MBP going to my marketing staff who are currently at a fixed stations depending on an external drive setup using firewire 800. Now I didn't realize this until now, but there is a huge different between the two firewires.


So my question is do these Expresscards work real well...


Like this one



Or would it be better to drop them and pick up two new ones with it built-in?


If they work well, I've realized I could use one too... :P


Thanks for any info



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Man!.... I'm all alone in this thread... I CAN SAY ANYTHING I WANT!!!! ***NO ECHO; eerie silence***


Aw well, anyways, I thought I'd share my experiences with this thing. I ended up getting a Belkin like this one:




from FRY's Electronics.


..... Stupid as it sounds, it works as advertised. It works so well, so well, my IT guy is now experimenting with a Sata II express card from Pro Max in an effort to make things even faster and largely more convenient. (he backs up all disk content before doing anything) What amazes me is he didn't know what a 34mm Expresscard was which lead to me being weary of it.




Am I glad I asked "What's this small slot thing for?"

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Transfer doesn't appear to be quite where at it's advertised "800 Mbps" but I'm told that's normal because 800 Mbps is "peak" not "cruising" speed. It's most definitely faster than FW400 for sure. The Sata II is by far the most impressive... it's blitzingly fast. I'm inclined to switch all of their externals to enclosures with Sata support (eSata, Sata II or whatever it's called)


These group of guys we have are extremely thorough and can easily be credited with the signing of our largest accounts. They've NEVER asked/complained about anything so when they did, I knew it was a problem in need of fixing.

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