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Is it possible to install OSX (Any Version) on a VM with a Ryzen CPU?

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Hey guys,


As the title suggests, I'm attempting to setup a Mac OS VM on my current desktop that has a Ryzen 1700X. I'm relatively new to this scene, and I've seen that a lot of the guides are more to do with Hackintosh's rather than Virtual Machines.


Perhaps the same concepts from the Hackintosh guides are applied to VM's, but being new to the scene I'm a bit uninformed about how Kernel Patching/Boot Loaders work.


Any help anyone can provide is appreciated! :)

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i never tried vanilla install on VM before but my first hackintosh experience was by installing a pre-made installation iso on virtualbox, but i think in this forum we cannot talk about specific pre-made installation... if this is your first hackintosh experience you can try some of the pre-made installation iso such as hackintosh-zone or the one on amd-osx(dot)com. My current understanding is that with VM you wont get accelerated graphics, but if your mobo can support iommu, i think maybe you can tweak it so the VM can use the onboard graphics. I never tried it on my system because my mobo didn't support iommu.

On AMD system, there's no kernel patching, what we do to make it boot is to replace the kernel entirely with the one on AMD thread.

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