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DaemonES / mifki kernel issue


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I've been running the semthex kernel for a while, and it was giving the standard stuttering issues in the beginning of my long journey to get all the components in my system to be recognized.


Until about yesterday, i was getting stuttering, but its been ok since then (no signs whatsoever.. weird).


Taking advice from a fellow forum member, I decided to install the DaemonES modded mifki kernel. It seemed like it was running ok at first....until


I put the computer to sleep. Then I woke it up. All seemed ok. Then I started an application that required the internet (like web browser and chat). None of them could connect. I went into the Network Config in System Preferences, but it showed that my ethernet was up and running.

Then I decided to just restaart the computer. But when doing so, the screen went blank (dark) and it didn't restart. I had to manually push the reset button on the tower.


My specs are below. Thanks :)

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