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Can you help end the reboot loop problem people are having?


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Whether trying to boot from the Install DVD or boot natively from a VMWare install, I keep getting a reboot cycle about 5 seconds after loading the Darwin x86 Kernel. What's going on? I feel so close to getting OSX to work but yet so far away! (Boots in VMWare fine)


Asus P5NSLI w/ NVIDIA 570 chipset

E6400 Core 2 Duo

Independent IDE Drive

Compatible DVD drive

10.4.6 JaS.iso


I followed these directions to the T:








Anything else? Anyone have a clue? Thanks!

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In Customize, select only Intel packages. Select SSE2 or SSE3, not both. Select the Combo update to install the latest version of OSX. Select other packages only if you are sure that your computer can use them.


Thanks Rammjet. Should I set VMWare to use 1 or 2 CPUs? Does it matter if I'm going to be native booting? Thanks!




SSE2 only did not work.

SSE3 only did not work.


When I set it up in VMWare, should I use one or two CPUs? Does it matter?


Hitting f8 after my boot selection and typing -v does not help, either. It only restarts in a different way after cascading a bunch of script over the screen.

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I could only install my OSX after I enabled "LIMIT CPUID MAXVAL" in the Bios.


I used JaS 10.4.7 and was able to install correctly, but now I get a Double Panic and can't boot into OSX =(


Anyway, try enabling that in your bios. It worked for me

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