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10.4.8 install dvd boots, new installation doesn't

Dave A

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So I can boot the new 10.4.8 dvd and it installs fine, but when I try to boot into the new installation it keeps crashing. It says something like: cannot find driver for this platform: ACPI. My question is, what kexts is the install dvd loading that the new installation is not that allows it to boot? Is it simply a matter of copying those kexts to the new install? Someone please help me, since I'm all out of ideas to make it work.





I installed again and this time I left unchecked the semthex and mifki kernels, and only installed the jas 10.4.8 package. ACPI error is gone on boot, but I get a kernel panic or double panic. I think it was divide by 0 or something.

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