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"Cannot read partition map"


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I have been trying to install Mac OS 10.4.6 HOTiSO for some time now. The trick is that I am trying to triple boot with OS comming after XP and Ubuntu. There is no data on the 100gb drive so I have tried many different things. It seems my steps to installing all three OS's are correct only when I use the disk utility to format the HFS+ partition I get the following error:


"Volume erase failed with the following error :


Cannot read the partition map. "


I have tried several things to solve this problem but to no avail. I thought maybe the partition was not active so I used diskpart under windows to set it to active. I tried fdisk under the Mac OS terminal but could not find where the error lies.


I am trying to partition from FAT32 to HFS+ with the Disk Utility.


Thanks for you help,


Ryan Fe'rran

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