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QE/OpenGL on ATI Radeon 7500

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I have been trying to enable QE on my Compaq Evo N610c for some time now!

You know, the usual ATI Radeon 7500 Mobility chipset.

I've done all the hacks like: AGPGart.kext, Callisto Build 003, ATI Radeon 7500 pack

off RapidShare!!!

I couldn't get the damn thing to enable QE in this retarted card!haha

HOWEVER, I've managed to get OpenGL working ROCK SOLID...

My frames per second in iTunes reach as high as 45 fps, WOW RIGHT?

Here's what happened.

I got "extremely" pissed off cause I've spent hours on end trying to hack driver's and

downloading and installing, along with complete reinstall's and redue's. UGH!

I got mad and started to delete AGPGart.kext, Callisto 003, ATI Radeon Pack bundle's.

I even undid the "CallistoFB" mod!

Now, before all of this, I replaced the OpenGL.frameworks in 10.4.3 with the frameworks

from 10.4.1....

However, I didn't have the OpenGL renderings like i had until I started deleting everything.

It's weird, I deleted without removing .mkext, cache.kext and never repaired

permissions either.

I was mad, deleted, rebooted and thru iTunes up to chill out with some music.

Thats when I noticed the OpenGL difference.

All screensavers work without glitch!!!(except RSS and Spectrum of corse)

DVD Player is pretty good, I used to have those different colored blocks all thru

playback, but they deminished to a nill since this has happened.


I just don't know, anybody have a clue as to what enabled what or what happened?

Also, this is mind boggling but, sometimes when i hit F12 for dashboard, I swear the

renderings are of QE!

Its only once in a blue moon this happens though.

Damn it, what is it.

Also, after deleting everything and having this OpenGL thing happen, ATIRadeon.kext

is loaded on boot and is displayed in System Preference's under Extensions now....

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That hack has been done all the way up to 10.4.7, Glad you figured it out. It makes a nice touch when you want to play chess.

Definitly nice hack, but what's with the QE working here and there???

And when it does work, I'll look in System Pref's but it says it isn't enabled!

I can't figure it out, it'll work and then not, and I have removed all the hacks as well.


Thanks for the reply

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