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Very Compatable Success (Except Quartz)


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Native with generic installer added some kexts that were missing (Audio, removed the ati)


My Stats:



Asrock P4 Combo (Supports socket 478 & 775)- Northbridge: Intel 848P Southbridge: ICH5

CMedia CMI9739A 6 channel AC'97 audio

Realtek RTL8101 PCI 10/100 Fast Ethernet

1gb ddr400

120 gb Sata drive

video Atix800 (removed the kexts)

CPU- 3.0 ghz 478 prescott (sse3)


Now im calling this very compatable for the mother board bonus (dual processor slot type), and because this makes os #4, xp, vista,suse,os x


Let me tell you this thing FLIES, it moves faster than my g5. My only problem is its on a failing HDD.


Some Here are the facts.



Motherboard:ASROCK p4 Combo

Audio: Onboard

Lan:Onboard lan

Generic USB 2.0 PCI CARD

NEC DVD Burner


Not Working:

Sound Blaster Audigy 2 (firewire works)

Linksys Gigabit card

ati x800(no acceleration)

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