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Broadcom Wirless card and Linksys Router Problem

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Okay, i installed JaS 10.4.7 on My Dell 8400 Pentium 4HT.... I installed the wireless card patch and See2 and JAS 10.4.7 decrypt Patches form the DVD and than started osx fine. When I got to the osx dektop for the first time the wireless detected connected fine. But when I restarted for the first time it stopped working. I cant get wireless to work at all, Under the wireless Icon it just says there is a airport card but its not configured(greyed out). I can also see the PCI card under the system info. Did a full reinstall and same effect. On inital boot after install wieless works it even asks for my wpa2 key and I can connecct, but than I reboot and bam it stops working. Any help would be appreciated thanx.

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