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Mouse issues in Disk utiliy


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Speaking about 'Installing' ...


If i put (any) release Dvd in my drive to restore a Image to my bootdisk,

i just cannot grab a target drive and drag it over ! Maybe nobody noticed

it, but it just does not work.


Tried it with and AMD and a INTEL pc..both refuse to drag.


So..when i boot the pc with the DvD...dragging in Disk Utility doesn't work,

but of course it DOES work in osx. (where i cannot restore the boot drive

of course).


Anybody any ideas ? Maybe a alternative way to 'drag' ? Tried every mouse

combination there was..didn't work. I just need to select a destination drive..


(even got that frustrated..i connected a one-button-apple mouse... ;) )

didn't work either..


Thnx !

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