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Possible solution for SSE2 related problems.


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More and more, there seem to be problems with OSX86 on SSE2-only processors. Apple seems to be optimizing all Macintosh applications for Intel SSE3.


Remember iTunes 7? The music application gives a 'Not enough memory' message when you launch it on SSE2-only machines. However, people were able to run it in Rosetta. In Rosetta, it's slow, but it works.


We can see the same solution for all other SSE2-related problems: in JaS 10.4.8, the yellow help boxes dissapear. However, when you open System Preferences or any other application wich has this issue in Rosetta, it just works. You should try it yourself. Other 10.4.8 problems, like double click not working, black bars instead of blue ones in System Profiler, all have the same solution: open the application in Rosetta. I think there is a pattern here.


I think we should enable SSE3 emulation in the entire operating system, not only in Rosetta. This will make our Hackintoshes slower, but atleast our applications will work.


Just a tought.

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