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Woe installing 10.4.7 JAS


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I have the system spec:



Pentium 830 D Processor


Seagate SATA 320g Hard Drive


I am trying to install the Jas 10.4.7 image through VMWare, however have stumbled across some difficulties.


Intially, I loaded the install just fine, and I got to the installation program, however, VMWare gave me some error concerning the guest OS requiring to restart.


From then on in, I have not been able to get anywhere.


As it stands, my install hangs on :


APPLE16x50UARTSync1: Detected 16550AF/C/CF FIFO=16 MaxBaud=115200

ACPI: Button drive prevents system sleep


Anyone know my next step? The option for loading darwin is just -v at the moment

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