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Can't disable discrete graphic on Dell M6800 Sierra


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I try to install MAC OS El capitan to my laptop Dell M6800:

Core i5 4200m

HD 4600 1600x900

ATI Firepro m6100

After finished installation, I can boot into MAC. However its display always is 5Mb. In System Report, Graphic card recognize is ATI. I want to disable it.

I did

Disable from _INI (SSDT-8)

Disable from _REG(DSDT)

Remove method _OFF (SSDT-9)

But it isn't work.


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Why remove _OFF function from SSDT-9 when that's where it's defined and when other tables like SSDT-8 and DSDT call it as external?

  1. I would put _OFF function back in SSDT-9
  2. In SSDT-8, add a function EPOF through copy/paste of EPON but set ONOF to Zero, where EPON set it to One
  3. I would modify DSDT _WAK method and replace calls to PEGP.EPON by PEGP.EPOF to avoid AMD GPU reactivation on wake


That's what I did on my Dell Latitude E6440 fitted with HD4600 + AMD Radeon HD 8690M. To verify whether the dGPU is active or not, I tend to use and trust HWMonitor more than SysProfiler. That's how I noticed that my dGPU was turning back on after wake for instance.

Thanks you very much! 

It works but my HDMI still don't work.

I have 2 monitors, one HDMI and one VGA. Can I use them together?

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Afaik, there's no VGA support under mobile HD4600. You can get DP and DVI up and working with additional Azul FB patches. Details are readily available on Hackintosh sites but you may look at this thread for some summarised info.


I can get 2 x concurrent external displays but never managed to get 3 x displays working even if my laptop shows 3 x active displays. Either the HDMI screen says "out of range" of the DVI screen says "unable to display". Maybe it's a matter of playing with the priority/activation delay. Will maybe try when I have time.

It still doesn't work. 

In Addition, when I logging into my OS X, the screen has a lot of horizontal black lines. It also appears when I change the windows of application too fast.

Althogh my OS X recognizes Graphic is HD 4600 1536mb.

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I changed it like you told. For me it is 0x808604126. It still doesn't work and now it has only hd4600 5mb.

Sorry my old laptop is Sierra. In this laptop i installed El capitan. I forgot to told that can you change my name topic?

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