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10.4.4 -> 10.4.8 I've finally done it

Templeton Peck

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Downloading another install DVD wasn't really an option for me, and the tuts other people posted didn't really work out for me, so I thought I'd share my experiences for the benefit others in my position. I still can't guarantee success, but at least it's a different procedure.


1. First, I used a bootable 10.4.3 DVD** to format my "test" drive into two partitions.


2. Next, I installed 10.4.3 on one partition, call it A


3. Working from my 10.4.3 installation, I installed 10.4.4 to partition B, following Maxxuss' instructions for installing from an unpatched 10.4.4 iMac Restore Disc. But I did NOT follow the post-installation instructions!!


4. I then installed the 10.4.8 Combo updater to partition B, unpatched from Apple.


5. Next, I replaced the kernel and SMBIOS.kext with Mifki's patched versions (after backing them up). I also repaired permissions.


6. Then I selected Partition B as my startup disk and rebooted in verbose mode. I couldn't make it to the GUI.


7. Then I booted back into 10.4.3 and replaced the 10.4.8 IOATAFamily.kext with the one from 10.4.3 (again backing up first).


8. Then I rebooted and viola!


Obviously, there's some things that still need to be done, such as pinpointing the latest version of IOATAFamily.kext that's compatible with my hardware. I also need to get my GMA900 working. I think that's done by using the AppleIntelIntegratedFramebuffer.kext from 10.4.7 and deleting the GMA950 stuff. Then I have to install kexts for my ethernet controller, Atheros Wi-Fi card, and AC97 Audio. Once I've got everything set up and working, I'll install 10.4.8 to my main drive.





BTW, there's a specific reason for doing this from a 10.4.3 installation. Even though it's old, it's useful for such fun things as formatting a volume in the MBR partition scheme with a BIOS bootloader. The other advantage is that it's "designed" for BIOS not EFI. Basically, hacked retail versions of OS X (10.4.4 and up) think they're running on EFI-based Macs. Thus when you try to install unpatched system software from a retail version, the installer will stop you because the OS doesn't know that you can boot from an MBR disk.

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You need to use the terminal.


sudo cp <path to mifki's or semthex' kernel> /volumes/<name of 10.4.8 volume>/


Be careful to specify the 10.4.8 volume and not the one you're working from!!



FYI, I've thought of it further, and my approach is pretty much what Jas advised. The only thing I "added" was that the installation needs to be done from 10.4.3. Although there might be another way that I'm unaware of.

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