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Audio headphones problem


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I don't believe I've seen this yet in the forums, but was wondering if anyone else was having problems with the headphone jack. I plug in a pair of headphones to cancel out the speakers output to my headphones but the speakers continue to output.... funny thing is when I put on the headphones I actually get sound as well ?_?


funny story on how I discovered the problem:


I had my friend over and he wanted to check out my laptop and see if Macs would suit him

(was interested in getting one). So he's checking it out and browsing on the web while I'm

playing FFXI (oh yeah)... all of a sudden I start hearing these noises.... sexual noises........

I'm all like WTF!? He looks up at me startled and takes off his headphones and says, "What!?

You can hear too!" so yeah no internet for him.....


Was wondering if maybe there was a software fix of some kind out there I wasn't aware of.


My laptop specs below

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