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inspiron 4150 success, still need help


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I have been dieing to put osx86 on this old inspiron 4150 for some time but didn't have a DVD player. I finally had an idea to steal a dvd drive out of another old crappy p3 laptop and patchwork it to install. Long story short and many coaster DVDs from the old drive not compatible and here I am on 10.4.6.


I have a single major problem I need help with. Is there some sort of overscan utility or way to move my screen down like 1 or 2 lines? The very bottom line flickers like it should be off the screen.


I am using 1280x1024 with the hacked radeon 7500 drivers using callisto. My native resolution is 1400x1050(i think 1050). I do not get QE enabled but without the driver the screen does not stretch to fit.


Any ideas how to move this bottom flickering line off the screen?



Dell Inspiron 4150


10.4.6 jas SSE2

Cardbus (found here in forum)

AC97 Audio

Linksys Wireless (found here in forum)

Battery Reporting (pwr mgmt found here in forum)

Video (sort of) 1280x1024x32 stretched to lcd


Not working:

CI/QE (never will)

Sleep (will not wake up from sleep)

Line flickering at bottom of screen (need help)

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