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Post Install of HotISO - b0 error after reboot


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System Description:

Intel P4 2.4 Ghz CPU ID:0F24 Patch ID: 000F

MB is Intel GA 8IHXP F8 Rev.3

Hard Disk 10 GB Western Digital WD100BB-75CLBO


Video is GeForce 2 MX400 64 MB Twin View Vivo


I've booted up from an Installation DVD of HotISO version 10.4.6 several times. (File name h-t1046.iso > file size 4,588,544 dated 04/19/2006.


I have no problem viewing and following the onscreen instructions of the installation routine at all. The installation recognized my hard drive and I've formatted a dedicated hard drive for HFS Journaling (single boot).


I have rerun the installation at least 6 times and have even customized the installation to include the Intel and X11 files.


The system recognizes the DVD bootup disk and goes through the entire setup without a glitch.


However, when I exit the installation and go to reboot the system, just after the BIOS info is displayed and as it goes to read the boot drive I get this error message: " b0 " (lower case "b" "zero").


Anyone experience this before or know anything about this error message or have any suggestions to resolve this?



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OK - I've found other threads that point me to a problem with making the disk "ACTIVE".


SO >>> I started the whole installation all over again!


I've re-created the partition and reformatted the drive using the FDISK utility from my Win98 Boot floppy, making it active. I reinstalled OSX86 from my Boot DVD. After completing the installation and rebooting I get the same error message > "b0" <. SO, I go back to my Win98 Boot floppy and check the "ACTIVE" status of the "Non-DOS" partition and see that it is NOT set to active for some reason. Even though when I created the partition it asked whether I wanted to set it to ACTIVE.


I reset the partition to ACTIVE from my Win98 Boot floppy and I check it again after the system reboots again from the Win98 Boot floppy. Seeing that the partition is now set to ACTIVE, I decide to reboot the system again and let it boot to the hard drive.


All that happens is that the system runs through quickly scrolling past all the boot up and HFS+ drive parameters; and just when you think it will start the MAC GUI, it REBOOTS >>>> over and over and over again!!!!


SO >>> Now what do I do?



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