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need some help laptop hp g42

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Hi guys, i hope all of you are ok!!


first my laptop is an HP G42-461LA i3 Intel processor, 4GB of ram and Intel hd graphics




i créate an usb installer of El Capitan with clover, no matter what flag i use, i cant reach installer..



i have FakeSMC, nullCPUPowerManagement kext in 10.11 and "Other" folder in the EFI partition of the usb stick.. please can you help me out?



i use this kernel flag: -v npci=0x2000 -cpus=1 dart=0


HP laptops most usually need the lapic fix to avoid KP at boot time. I certainly needed it on a HP G72, a close cousin of the G42 also based on Intel Arrandale 1st gen Core "i" CPUs. Depending on what you use as bootloader, there are various fixes:

  1. with good old Chameleon, you can temporarily boot with option cpus=1 and then install the KernelPatcher Chameleon module (available at Chameleon installation). The alternative is to apply the Lapic kernel patch to your kernel but that would be required every time you update OS X.
  2. with Enoch (version r2839), configure your /Extra/kernel.plist with KernelLapicError set to Yes (I think you can keep KernelLapicVersion set to No).
  3. with Clover, simply activate Kernel LAPIC option in Kernel & Kext Patches tab in Clover Configurator tool.


Regarding 1st gen Intel HD graphics, refer to The Bible on the matter on this forum.

Calm down, sometimes it takes days or weeks to reach success. That's Hackintoshing... If you can't keep patient, pass your way.


How about posting a zipped copy of your Clover folder so that we know what you're using in terms of ACPI BIOS tables, kexts and Clover config?

So much for asking to be patient... + I'm not called "bro" and don't answer to that name.


A few comments:

1) you have a lot of fixes in the Clover ACPI section; are all these necessary?

2) you're using MBP7,1 SMBIOS, that's a C2D model. An Arrandale system should use MBP6,1/6,2 profile

3) you have kexts in CLOVER/kexts/10.11 AND CLOVER/kexts/Other. You should decide which you want to use

4) you're using a very old FakeSMC (v5.1.26)

5) what do you aim to do with that Disabler kext? Do you know what it does?

6) You should be able to do without NullCPUPM, especially as you've activated C States + P States generation in Clover ACPI section

7) you may want to remove the Intel HD graphics kexts from the /S/L/E folder of your USB installer to begin with

here ya go this is my clover folder... and sorry for calling you bro!!

clover folder.zip


BTW, when i boot into safe mode so i can delete the kext, it Works fine just that when i type "rm -rf AppleIntelHD.kext" it says "System read-only or something like that.



i dont know any othew way to delete kext from installation USB Stick

i already find the kext but i cant move ir to trash, i mean, i mount the Install ESD  inside the el capitan, then i mount the Base System.dmg, and i can see the intel hd kext but when i right click on it the "Move to Trash" option is not there

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