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Graphic bug on Hearthstone since Sierra

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Since I installed Sierra, I have graphic bugs on Hearthstone. Bugs appear in the first minutes of play, so this is not due to overheating.
Sierra is up to date as well as nvidia webdrivers (I have a 980ti).


I attach a screenshot of the bug in question. It does this every time a card has a visual effect.


Does anyone have the same problem?



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I've got the same issue.  I reported the bug to Unity, and they forwarded it to the Hearthstone team; but I haven't heard of a resolution.  I probably never will, because the number of people running 980ti cards with hacked EFI firmware on old Mac Pro towers is not a major customer demographic.  :)


I _suspect_ it is because Sierra utilizes the Metal graphics API, and that the nvidia web driver you and I are running for our 980ti cards doesn't properly support Metal.


I restored my backup of Yosemite this past weekend, and I am now free of graphics glitches in Hearthstone.  If I have time next weekend I'm going to install El Capitain on a spare drive and see if Hearthstone still has issues.  If Hearthstone is clean on El Capitain, then the issue is likely the Metal API.


I was also having their weird UI freezes on Sierra, where my mouse would move but I couldn't click on anything or change apps/windows.  That went away when I switched back to Yosemite as well.  Any chance you are having any issues like that while running Sierra?

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Thanks for your answer.

I had the same problem as you about Freezes on Sierra.

Finally, I went back to El Capitan and I have no problem, neither freeze nor bug on hearthstone.


So, I've upgraded to El Capitan, and things seem OK.  I reported the Sierra issues to the folks at macvidcards.com and they seemed surprised at the Sierra issue.  Especially since he's been testing the new Pascal drivers with 1080 cards, and that driver only exists for Sierra. 


Out of curiosity, do you have any other customizations to your Mac that might account for the UI freezes, and that we might have in common?  I've got a Sonnet USB 3 card in mine, and various USB drivers for arduino-like micro-controllers. 

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