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[HELP] Installing Mac OSx

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Hi there guys,


I am new to this forum. I have a hp laptop and i am not sure if its compatible for mac osx.


Here are the details:


HP Pavilion Au106tx

intel core i3 6th gen processor

insyde h2o bios

intel hd 520 graphics integrated

Nvidia 940mx dedicated graphics

HGST hdd


Anyone pls help....

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Yes, it looks like yours can run it fine, assuming you're up for the challenge.


Laptops with Nvidia 940mx typically access it through Nvidia Optimus which isn't supported in OS X. You'll be forced to only use Intel HD520 for graphics in OS X.


According to the drivers for your HP model on its support page, you have a Realtek 8169-based gigabit ethernet which there's a driver for.


With wireless it's Intel which isn't supported in OS X so you'll have to swap out the wireless card and install a supported Broadcom or Atheros one, preferrably HP-branded. Otherwise you'll have to use some ugly USB wifi card if you want wifi working. With a number of HP Pavilion 15 models the wireless card is easily accessible from a bottom panel but I cannot find the specifics for your model so I don't know how far you need to go to access it.


Your card reader is a Realtek brand that's accessed through PCIE and there isn't a driver that supports it well. A cheap USB card reader works fine in OS X.


Your touchpad is Synaptics which is supported fine via the default VoodooPS2 kexts. Looks like audio is some Realtek ALC codec (can't tell which one) which I'm sure you can get working fine.

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I basically do not need the card reader, nvidia 940mx and wifi to work, i use ethernet cable for internet connection but i am not really sure if my bios is gonna work or the intel hd 520 gonna work, since its insyde h2o bios i dont know the flags.Any easy to follow guide will be much appreciated.


MY wifi card is Intel Dual Band Wireless-AC 3165 and i think there is a kext https://github.com/ammulder/AppleIntelWiFiMVM


Also i am not sure about my Audio its saying "Audio Adapter: Intel Skylake-U/Y PCH - High Definition Audio Controller [C1]"

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Unfortunately that isn't a functioning kext at all.



This driver is still in the "can it be done?" stage.

As of this writing the driver recognizes the appropriate hardware and loads a matching firmware file, but does not yet send the firmware to the hardware.

Now I'm in the process of trying to get all the Linux driver code to build on Mac OS X. This will be a very long process. Work is currently happening on the "Porting" branch, but only a small subset of the code even compiles right now.

Long story short, this driver does not yet actually connect to wireless networks.

If you're interested in helping, it would be great to have more people try test builds just to ensure it accurately identifies all the hardware I don't have on hand to try.


current wifi support is limited to what Apple uses with their Airport software - Atheros and Broadcom with some specific models not supported - unless you buy a 3rd party USB wifi card that comes with its own driver and wireless utility app for OS X.


Here's a list you can look at: http://forum.osxlatitude.com/index.php?/topic/2120-inventory-of-supported-and-unsupported-wireless-cards/


Here's a clover config to start with to get HD520 working: https://github.com/RehabMan/OS-X-Clover-Laptop-Config/blob/master/config_HD520_530_540.plist Use this as the Clover config.plist after creating the install media: http://ddi.hopto.org:3000/henry.brock/CloverInstall/src/master


My laptop is InsydeH2o as well - that has no effect on whether you can run OS X or not. Clover works fine on legacy booting. You may need to set DVMT pre-allocated memory in your BIOS settings to 96MB to get HD520 working.


You can find out your HDA codec post-install via the app DPCIManager or you can start with VoodooHDA.kext.


Good luck 

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so this means i cant use vram more than 96mb?


Also i noticed my bios is locked, cant find the  DVMT. what version should i install yosemite or sierra?


Thank you so much.

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