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X2 Dual Core Stutter Problem *Help*


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Hi all,


Fortunately i know, why my System Stutters :)


Unfortunately i don't know how to modify my BIOS exactly.


My Specs:


AMD X2 4800+

ASUS A8N32 SLI-Deluxe


Current Multiplier : 12x

Current FSB : 200 Mhz



I don't changed something yet, because i don't want to burn out my Cpu ;)

I hope someone can help me, how i have to change the setting.




Where do i have to change Multiplier in BIOS, i couldn't because it was locked and i didn't found where to open.



Thanks for now


Greetings Juno

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I have an X2 3800 AMD

You can set in Bios:

CPU multiplier 9X or 9.5X

You can try with 10X but I suppose that it doesn't work fine...

Increase FSB from 200 to 220 - 230


Now you have CPU multi = 12X , FSB = 200 ----> 12X * 200 = 2400 MHz

By setting CPU multi to 9.5X and FSB to 220 ----> 9.5X * 230 = 2200 MHz

To obtain the same frequence you have to set the FSB to 250 but your system should hang on boot


I modified also RAM ratio from 2:2 to 2:1.83 (differently my system hangs)

If you increase the FSB to 230 - 250 I suppose that you have to reduce your RAM ratio

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when booting osx86 hit f8 and type this in


platform=X86PC cpus=1 idlehalt=0


also did you install the sse3 kernel or the sse2 one?


if you use "platform=X86PC cpus=1 idlehalt=0" you disable one core of the CPU

Of course it works but only with one core... and he has a DualCore CPU


If you change FSB and multiCPU in Bios you can use both cores :)

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