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RMWolf3D™ - 6 Million Encounter (MacOS9/Emulator)

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"Read Me" file
RMWolf 3D™ - 6 Million Encounter
Version 0.88b

Thanks for playing RMWolf 3D™! This "Read Me" file will hold information on how to setup game and go further. End notes includes copyright notice.

Installing the map to your hard disk

To install the game to your hard disk, just drag the "RMWolf 3D - 6 Million Encounter" to Wolfenstein 3D™/Levels/ folder.

Quick Start

Set game difficulty to the most easy setting to speed up the game play as thought.


RMWolf 3D™ - 6 Million Encounter runs on all Macintosh computers with Wolfenstein 3D™ Second encounter and up.


You may share RMWolf 3D™ only in it´s full context. Whatever the software cause You and or others are not our problem so, use only at own risk.

RMWolf 3D Copyright © (p) 2016 NSΩW and SMRLite. RMWolf 3D - 6 Million Encounter and RymdMus are copyright of NSΩW. Some graphics may belong to public domain. All rights reserved to respective copyright owner.


Preview: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4yshRVOuvOA


RMWolf 3D - 6 Million Encou.img.zip

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