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Black Code Screen of Death?

Lost in Linux

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So, yeah....


I'm posting from my trusty hackintosh this time(err, should I say mostly trusty). I got the thing up and running and it works perfectly for my needs save one tiny detail... when I boot on battery power I ALWAYS get the aformentioned "black code screen of death" after the login window app starts (and everything else for that matter) without any error messages or nothing. Don't know what I'm talking about? Picture verbose boot mode with everything going well, a couple of link/load errors here and there, but it works fine so long as I''m plugged into an outlet. But if I'm not, when it would pop up the refreshingly blue, not black, desktop background, nothing happens. I begin to wonder why nothing's happenening, and sure enough I've lost keyboard control (or so I think). But it isn't a crash. If I touch my keypad, a mouse rises from among the code which I can control and twirl around as I please, only the system doesn't get any further. It doesn't load my desktop or let me play with the dock or anything. All I see is a black, white outlined mouse over a bunch of code background. Funny thing, though, is that this has only been a problem on battery power. It has happened before while plugged into the wall, but 99% of the time it works normally. Anybody got any ideas?


And here's the blah...


10.4.6 myziso image

ATI Radeon XPress 200M (yes, with a southbridge)

ConextAC Audio (works)

Boradcom Wireless (works)

DVD (works)

512 RAM (better work)

100 gb HDD (10 gb for Mac) (really better work)

AMD 3200+ 2.0 ghz processor SSE2 (really, really better work)

Designed for Winblows XP :)

iTunes 6.0.2 (works via an alias in the default music library directory so i can share my tunes with windoze)

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