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Script to Create Folder Structure then put images into folder based on extension?

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Hello all,

My goal is to be able to drag folders from my camera's memory card into a parent folder. Then run a script and have the folders renamed appropriately, move the .CR2 and .JPG files from the camera into a new subfolders based on extension, and create another new empty folder.

Folders from camera example:

- Parent Folder
                 - 100EOS5D  --Contains .CR2 raw image files. May contain .JPG files depending on camera settings. (Numbers change based on when the photos were taken)
                 - 101EOS5D
                 - 102EOS5D


Folder structure that I want:


-Parent Folder
                - Position_01 (Renamed from first folder)
                 - Position_01_Raw        --contains the .CR2 files

                                - Position_01_Jpg         --contains the .JPG files (if there are any)

                                 - Position_01_Stitched  --Empty folder

                - Position_02 (Renamed from second folder)
                   - Position_02_Raw        --contains the .CR2 files

                                 - Position_02_Jpg         --contains the .JPG files (if there are any)

                                 - Position_02_Stitched  --Empty folder





Ideally this would be a script where I could run when I'm ready to sort the folders. Can anyone help me out?

Model: Macbook Pro Retina
AppleScript: Version 2.9 (191)
Operating System: Mac OS X (10.10)

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Do you want to learn how to write scripts or do you need someone for you to write it?

I want to learn how to do this. I will probably want to script other folder related tasks in the future.


I have minimal programming skills. I took a C++ course like 10 years ago, so most of that knowledge is lost but the basic principles are intact.


Like I kinda get what I want to do:

Look in this folder

If folder name Contains "Position" but does not contain "Raw", "Jpg", or "Stitched" (If this is even the best way?)

then create new folder FolderName_FolderNum_Stitched

Look for .CR2 files. If found create new folder FolderName_FolderNum_Raw. Move CR2 files into said folder.

Repeat for .JPG files.



Look at next folder, run again.


I need support learning the syntax, and sort of how to approach the problem. Like how to get finder to look into multiple subfolders, 

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